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Ideal Precision - Shadow Line Type-XC

Set Includes:
SD48030 SLS Transverse Retractor (x1)
SD48032 SL Type Posi-Lock Step Down Retractor, Standard (x1)
SD48015 SL Type Reversible Distractor (Left/ Right) (x1)
SD48027 SL Type Screwdriver (x2)
SD48013 SL Type Depth Gauge, Color Coded (x1)
SD48018 SL Type Screw On Retractor Handle (x2)
SD48104 SL Type Clear Line Sterilization Case (x1)
SD48035 SL Type 30mm Blunt Blade (x2)
SD48036 SL Type 35mm Blunt Blade (x2)
SD48037 SL Type 40mm Blunt Blade (x2)
SD48038 SL Type 45mm Blunt Blade (x2)
SD48039 SL Type 50mm Blunt Blade (x2)
SD48040 SL Type 55mm Blunt Blade (x2)
SD48041 SL Type 60mm Blunt Blade (x2)
SD48042 SL Type 65mm Blunt Blade (x2)
SD48043 SL Type 70mm Blunt Blade (x2)
SD48044 SL Type 75mm Blunt Blade (x2)
SD48048 SL Type 30mm Short Teeth Blade (x1)
SD48049 SL Type 35mm Short Teeth Blade (x1)
SD48050 SL Type 40mm Short Teeth Blade (x1)
SD48051 SL Type 45mm Short Teeth Blade (x1)
SD48052 SL Type 50mm Short Teeth Blade (x1)
SD48053 SL Type 55mm Short Teeth Blade (x1)
SD48054 SL Type 60mm Short Teeth Blade (x1)
SD48055 SL Type 65mm Short Teeth Blade (x1)
SD48058 SL Type 30mm Long Teeth Blade (x1)
SD48059 SL Type 35mm Long Teeth Blade (x1)
SD48060 SL Type 40mm Long Teeth Blade (x1)
SD48061 SL Type 45mm Long Teeth Blade (x1)
SD48062 SL Type 50mm Long Teeth Blade (x1)
SD48063 SL Type 55mm Long Teeth Blade (x1)
SD48064 SL Type 60mm Long Teeth Blade (x1)
SD48065 SL Type 65mm Long Teeth Blade (x1)
SD48069 SL Type 35mm Micro Blunt Blade (x2)
SD48070 SL Type 40mm Micro Blunt Blade (x2)
SD48071 SL Type 45mm Micro Blunt Blade (x2)
SD48072 SL Type 50mm Micro Blunt Blade (x2)
SD48073 SL Type 55mm Micro Blunt Blade (x2)
SD48074 SL Type 60mm Micro Blunt Blade (x2)
SD48082 SL Type 35mm Micro Teeth Blade (x2)
SD48083 SL Type 40mm Micro Teeth Blade (x2)
SD48084 SL Type 45mm Micro Teeth Blade (x2)
SD48085 SL Type 50mm Micro Teeth Blade (x2)
SD48086 SL Type 55mm Micro Teeth Blade (x2)
SD48087 SL Type 60mm Micro Teeth Blade (x2)

We ship worldwide via UPS

● UPS Ground: Delivery within 1-5 business days, depending on location
● UPS 3 Day Select: Delivery by the end of the third business day
● UPS 2nd Day Air: Delivery by the end of the second business day
● UPS 2nd Day Air A.M.: Delivery by 8:00 a.m. on the second business day, depending on location
● UPS Next Day Air Saver: Delivery by the end of the next business day
● UPS Next Day Air A.M.: Delivery by 10:30 a.m. the next business day, depending on location
● UPS Next Day Air Early a.m.: Delivery by 8:00 a.m. the next business day, depending on location
*Returns accepted within fifteen days of receipt.

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