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Surgical Direct is dedicated to the field of Veterinary Medicine.  So much so, that we created a division that specializes in the supply and delivery of veterinary specific instrumentation and equipment.  All of our instrumentation is made in Germany, the traditional home of the world's finest surgical instruments.  We understand the growing needs of the veterinary professional and strive to meet those needs.  We have a full line of instrumentation and equipment for veterinary professionals in the areas of soft tissue, orthopedics, medicine, as well as many other specialties.  We also have the ability to help you find instrument patterns to your specifications to allow you to successfully meet the needs of your patients.

Large Animal Product offering:
  • 10mm 57cm Laparoscopes for Equine Laparoscopy
  • Knot Pusher for Equine Laparoscopy
  • 20cm length Trocars and Sheaths for Equine Laparoscopy
  • Flexible Biopsy & Grasping Instruments
  • Large Bone Orthopedic Power Equipment
  • Burs, blades, and drill bits for your power equipment
  • Flexible Endoscopes
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